Dentures & Partials Seattle

Is a denture or partial in your future?

Here at Linda Fukuda Family Dentistry, we offer custom dentures, partials, implant dentures, along with replacement dentures & partials.

Thanks to advances in modern dental technology, you have more choices than ever when it comes to dentures and partials. Today’s modern dentures are beautiful, made with the most intricate details which provide a very natural appearance while maintaining full functionality and comfort. We work in close relationship with you and our dental lab, carefully critiquing: fit, comfort & appearance. Each denture is hand crafted starting from an exact impression of your mouth, taken by one of our highly skilled dental staff members. Throughout the fabrication process, we will have you back to our office for multiple visits providing try-ins, taking careful note of your feedback and offering expert advice. Dr. Fukuda and our dental lab will have one on one discussions about your denture case. No two dentures are alike, rather each one unique like you! In the end, we want you to have a denture you will wear and smile about!

We invite you to give our office in Seattle a call, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fukuda and discuss your interest in dentures

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