Teeth Whitening in Seattle

Teeth Whitening

If you are trying to achieve a brighter, whiter smile and you have questions about tooth whitening, contact our Seattle’s Greenwood/Phinney office today!

Here at Dr. Linda Fukuda’s office, we offer three types of teeth whitening options. All are very safe and extremely effective in lightening discolored teeth. Our trained staff can help you to determine which of the three options would best suit you.

We currently offer:

Traditional take home whitening system. This requires two appointments roughly two weeks apart. The first to determine if you are a good teeth whitening candidate and if so, our trained staff will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Our office will have custom-fit whitening trays made for you. Your second visit will be to try on your trays and go over whitening instructions with one of our staff members. We offer 3 levels of whitening gel ranging from 10%, 15% to 20% carbamide peroxide. So, even if your teeth are sensitive, you can still whiten!

Sinsational Smile:

Not only do white teeth enhance our smile, but they make us feel more confident about our appearance. In just 30 minutes you can have a brighter, whiter smile. With this in-office system, one of our dental hygienists evaluate your teeth to make sure you are a good teeth whitening candidate (this is often done during your routine dental cleaning). If you are a good candidate, we schedule a 30-minute procedural visit. Patients can expect to see their teeth up to 3 shades whiter (results may vary of course). Unlike our take home method, you will not have impressions taken for fabrication of custom whitening trays, rather one universal tray that is part of your overall whitening kit. This tray can be used at home until it becomes worn enough that it is no longer effective. During this relaxing procedure, you will sit comfortably in front of the whitening lamp (which utilizes blue LED wavelength). This light activates the whitening solution creating whiter teeth in 20 minutes. When complete, our hygienist will go over post-op instructions and provide you with your take home “touch up” pen that can be used with your universal tray whenever you feel you need to brighten your smile. This procedure is really as simple as it sounds.

Zoom! Whitening


This teeth whitening procedure is performed in our office and takes approximately two hours and requires two visits. The first visit is to discuss whether or not you are a good teeth whitening candidate and if so, take impressions of your upper and lower teeth (a short appointment). We will have fabricated custom fit bleaching trays for your “at-home” touch ups. During this two week period, you may also be instructed to use a special tooth paste to help reduce tooth sensitivity. At the second visit, our Zoom® certified staff member will take a “before” photo, isolate your gums and prep your teeth for your three 15 minute light-activated sessions. This treatment is more involved than that of the Sinsational Smile system as the Zoom® Lamp utilizes ultraviolet, blue (LED) and visible light, providing more intensity, thus enhancing the activation of the whitening solution. Patients can whiten up to 8 shades (results may vary) in just under 2 hours. During this procedure, you will sit comfortably for just under 2 hours with one of our staff members at your side. Depending on your sensitivity level, we may perform a fluoride treatment before you leave. We will take your “after” photo to give you something to smile about! We will also discuss your post-op teeth whitening instructions and show you how to use your custom made take home trays. You will also be given 4 tubes of bleaching solution to use at home. To learn more about Zoom® give us a call.

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